What do I have to do to complete the basic scuba course?

Academic Training

You will be given a text book and will either study independently in your own time, through an instructor facilitated class, online with guided e-learning, and sometimes all the above. Even though diving is a physical sport, there are many physiological and environment considerations that need to be learned by the diver to ensure safety and enjoyment.

Confined Water Training

It’s in the safety of confined water (i.e. pool, shallow clear lagoon, etc) where you will get to know your scuba equipment and learn to breath and move underwater. Lessons start out in the shallow end progressively moving you deeper as you learn and master your basic scuba skill sets.

Open Water Training

This is what you’ve been waiting for – the open water! Over four or more dives you’ll practice all the skills you’ve already learned in confined water, but out in open water, which means the open ocean or another large body of water that is used for diving. No matter how many dive classes we teach the enjoyment of seeing the excitement on someone’s face when diving in the open water for the first time is second to none.

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