Most amazing Scuba Dive..Danny made our Dive one of the best memories I will ever have with my daughter and sister..thank you Danny it was incredible.

Bren A.

Great dive today. Gave my mom, aunt, and myself a refresher class and took us for some awesome dives. Lots of patience and very personable, easy to learn from.
Got to see a couple sea turtles, lots of fish, coral, and enjoy a few jokes.

Ashley G.

I researched nearly 20 Scuba Diving Instructors before choosing Dan Diving for my wife to do her open water dive certification. Dan Diving had a great offer for the open water certification course, and they really took the time to go over all of the little details with me, which other local dive shops forgot to mention. There were no hidden fees of any kind, and the instructor was clear about everything we were going to do from day 1. The training was great! Very informative, The instructor and his team went above an beyond to make sure we knew the “facts” when diving. I regularly call them now, just for information, questions, etc. and they always take the time to make sure my questions are answered correctly. Its very difficult to know what’s best for new divers when buying equipment but Dan Diving did point everything out and made sure we were buying Scuba Diving gear that was right for our diving future.

David L

I LOVE this place!! I’ve always thought about diving and went in to see them at Dan Diving  just to have a look around and check it out. I definitely went to the right place! I came away with a whole different perspective on diving just in the short time I spent in there. The staff were friendly and accommodating to my beginner needs. I’m really looking forward to learning with them in the weeks to come!

Loren S